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The idea of UrEuphony started with the word ‘Euphony’. Euphony is basically the art of using a combination of words which produces a pleasing and soothing effect to the ears. In other words, the effect of euphony precisely lies in the harmony of the words used. We at UrEuphony, aim to bring you a harmonious collection of not just a few words or lines, but a grand garland of music related information through which we could share our deep connections to music, through words. We are not here to teach you, but to share our musical experience. Whether it is about a musical instrument or its playing technique, whether it is about songs or musical notes, whether it is about the importance of music in our life or the untold stories from this magical world, we will walk you through all of these in the form of words.

In a simpler way, the purpose of this site is to share the musical knowledge which we have earned from working many years in the field of music; working with different kinds of musical instruments; gaining insights from many musicians and music teachers around the world. We are music fanatics who would like to dedicate each word here to our passion, our love, our life, which is Music. We will strive to work hard to improve the experience of your musical journey through this website. Let’s take a dip into the world which is so mesmerizing in its own way and create Euphony. Get ready to step in to the world of ‘UrEuphony’, where every word sweetly sings the praise of music. Your musical journey starts here…..


How to select an electronic keyboard for a beginner?

Which electronic keyboard to buy for the kid?

Often we come across this question from parents those who have no knowledge of musical instrument such as electronic keyboards. It may look difficult task for them which are true. However, little research or guide can make them understand which will be the best keyboard to buy for their kid and this is what has prompted me to come up with this article. It is very important to know what will the best buy, after all, you are investing your hard earned money that should be utilized rather than become a show-piece at home décor.

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What does BADUMBAA mean?

The upcoming movie “102 NOT OUT” Badumbaa song is already started creating magic with the audiences in all age group. This is indeed one of the unique songs in Bollywood movies. There are two Amitabh associated with this song. One Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who not only composed this full of entertaining song but sung also and the other Mr. Amitabh Bhattacharya who wrote this song. Third most important thing about this song is that Mr. Rishi Kapoor who too had sang along with Amitabh Bachchan. This is the first time ever Rishi Kapoor has sung any song in a movie.
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Why not to convert a right hand acoustic guitar into a left hand

Often we find it difficult to get a proper left-hand acoustic guitar for the left-hand person. It is not that left hand guitars are not available or not been made but difficult to get. The simple reason because very few people are needed for it. I have seen people converting these right hand guitars into the left hand by reversing the strings. Arranging the stringing into upside down to make it fit for a left-hand player. However, this is not a correct way, and it creates lots of issues in sound quality and perfect tones. It is easy to advice for such conversion and easy to have make shift option but why we should not do it and what are the problems comes while converting right hand guitars like this is all about we are going to talk in this article. Why one should go for a proper left-hand guitar rather than make shift left hand guitar, everything will be mention in this article. Let’s talk step by step taking all points in consideration.  Continue reading

How do nails affect in playing musical instruments?

You love your long nails and you love your musical instruments too. However, you are finding a way as how can you keep your long nails without trimming and also can play musical instrument. Sadly, there is no way you can keep long nails when it comes to play some particular musical instrument. Music needs not only discipline but commitment and respect too. Often it is seen that those who love their nails more than music, they tend to sale their musical instruments or leave the playing later on. It’s not that all the musical instrument need NO-NO to long nails but certainly some instruments need trimmed or short nail to play it precisely. We will discuss in this article as which instruments can afford to have long nails and which not. Also, we will talk as why we need to shorten the nails for some instruments.

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What is a Cajon and how it played

Cajon is actually a Spanish word which means a ‘Box.’ Its pronunciation is not like how it is written Cajon (Kajon) but ‘Ka-hon.’ ‘Jo’ is pronouncing like‘Ho.’

It is wooden square box and a percussion instrument which is originally from Peru. It is played with slapping the front wood board. It has six sides, all the five sides of this wood box made with thick wood but the front board which is the playing surface, made with thin plywood. A sound hole is made on the back side of the box.  It’s getting very popular among percussion musicians and available in various brands and price ranges. It is easy to carry and a comfortable musical instrument where the musician can sit on top of it and play easily.

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How to appear for International Music exams in India

Some people learn to play musical instruments for their hobby but some are seriously into it. Some learn it from the well known institute and some from private tutor. Those who are serious into music some of them appear for the exam and some are not. It’s the same case in learning with private tutor too. However, appearing in music exam not only provides you the Certificate but it checks you that how good you are into music. You can check your progress and have something to aim and focus for. Moreover, it brings discipline and right attitude about music which only brings positive result on your journey in music. So, those who are seriously looking music as their career should appear for exams. Now, how can you appear is what all about mentioned in this article. To provide you more details let me talk it step by step. Continue reading

Don’t confuse yourself when you are buying a musical instrument.

Sometimes we follow more to what other people say than listening to ourselves as what we really want. We just go by other’s words and buy a musical instrument which may not be our first interest. We may want to learn a Guitar but go and buy a keyboard instead. What follows next is that we may lose our interest from the instrument if we find little difficulties to learn it. So, the first thing one should do is to decide which instrument you really want to learn to play. If you feel guitar is the best for you then go for it and it goes same with other instruments too. You must give priority to your own interest rather than going by other’s experience and words. It is not necessary that what other finds it easy to play; you too may find it easier.  Continue reading