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The idea of UrEuphony started with the word ‘Euphony’. Euphony is basically the art of using a combination of words which produces a pleasing and soothing effect to the ears. In other words, the effect of euphony precisely lies in the harmony of the words used. We at UrEuphony, aim to bring you a harmonious collection of not just a few words or lines, but a grand garland of music related information through which we could share our deep connections to music, through words. We are not here to teach you, but to share our musical experience. Whether it is about a musical instrument or its playing technique, whether it is about songs or musical notes, whether it is about the importance of music in our life or the untold stories from this magical world, we will walk you through all of these in the form of words.

In a simpler way, the purpose of this site is to share the musical knowledge which we have earned from working many years in the field of music; working with different kinds of musical instruments; gaining insights from many musicians and music teachers around the world. We are music fanatics who would like to dedicate each word here to our passion, our love, our life, which is Music. We will strive to work hard to improve the experience of your musical journey through this website. Let’s take a dip into the world which is so mesmerizing in its own way and create Euphony. Get ready to step in to the world of ‘UrEuphony’, where every word sweetly sings the praise of music. Your musical journey starts here…..


3 Powerful Bollywood Ganpati songs with lyric

Once again the time has come to bring Lord Ganpati at our home. Come to Mumbai during Ganesh festival and you will come to know how big this Ganesh festival is. You can hear “Jai dev Jai dev” the famous Lord Ganpati AARTI from almost each and every house. Such is the power of this Bhajan that can take you into deep devotional feelings automatically. Bollywood has always produced some special song for Ganesh festival, which are always hit and fit during this festival season. There are many such Bollywood songs which are dedicated to Lord Ganeshji but there are very few which can really bring goose bumps on you. I have selected 3 songs for my article which are powerful and ultimate compositions of Lord Ganesha. Not only these songs have strong lyrics, but music too with having typical traditional feelings which can make you dances with its tune. These three songs are listed below with lyrics and other interesting details.  Continue reading

Simple way to play ‘Gulabi Ankhen’ on Guitar

The song ‘Gulabi Ankhen Jo Teri Dekhi..’ is originally from the film ‘The Train’ which was released in 1970. The music director of this film was the legend R.D.Burman and the beautiful songs were written by another legend Anand Bakshi. This film was a suspense film and the lead actor was Rajesh Khanna with main actress Nanda supported by Helen in supporting role. The film was directed by Ravikant Nagaich, produced by Ramesh Behl and written by Arudra. This particular song was originally sung by Mohammad Rafi with his unique voice and style and was a super hit during those days. However, time to time this song was remixed and also sung by famous singers like Sonu Nigam, Raghav Sachar, Atif Aslam and many more to make it more popular. The interesting part of this song is that it can be played with very basic chords on the guitar, which is not very tough for a beginner. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful song on the guitar.
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Fascinating musical instrument Violin

Violin is one of the most fascinating musical instruments in the world. It has always mesmerized people with its design and tone. It is a strings instrument which is played with the help of Bow. The technique of holding Violin is also unique; you have to hold this instrument between your left collar bone and chin to play it.  Though it is not as easy as it looks but with sheer practice, one can master the art of playing Violin. No surprise if you get attracted towards this beautiful instrument at your first sight. Such is the beauty of this small instrument that it can let you forget the world, once you start listening to it. This article is all about Violin, its history and constructions details. So, let’s have a look of its details.  Continue reading

Important guitar accessories you should have always

It’s a great feeling for a music lover to own an acoustic guitar. But there are few more accessories items which we often avoid to have it. These accessories items are very useful and some of items we must have it in our Gig bag. This article is all about the detailed explanations of acoustic guitar accessories and its uses. Why one should have it and how to use it, everything you can find in this article.

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