How does Music benefit us in our daily life

Does music really benefit us? Why should we learn to play musical instruments? What are the benefits we can get from it? If you want to know more about music, all your answers are here in this article.

Being in music field for so many years, I can easily realize the good and powerful affect of music in our daily life. Most of us take music as entertainment purpose, listen to it and forget. We are just unaware of this natural boon which we bring along with us when we get born and live with us as long as we are alive. Yes, I am talking about our heart beats, whether you believe it or not but we spent our entire life with this musical beats, after all music start with its beat only. So, when the almighty God has sent us with musical beats inside us, why should we shy away with it, why not we make it useful to us? The idea to write this article is to make you aware about the benefit of music on us and in our daily life. Let’s analyze how music is so important for us.

Meaning of Music:

There was time when music used to be only for entertainment purpose. The artists were called entertainers and had not much value in our social life other than king’s courtyard. Now, when we read and get to know about those olden days musician, we come to know as how knowledgeable people they were and what they gave us. The time has changed now, and people are getting aware of it. How important music can be in our life, you can only imagine knowing that almost every educational institutes have separate classes for music. It has become an essential subject and included in extra curriculum globally.

The meaning of music depends on the thinking of a person. Some take it as an ‘entertainment’; some take it as ‘stress killer. For some it is ‘meditation’ and for some it is ‘life. Everyone have different value for music in their life but hardly have we gone deeper to think that it can be used even more affectively in our life. I too would not have known the importance, and benefits of music had I worked in different field. Music can have the greater role to play one’s progress in practical life. It not only makes us better understanding but also make us calm, discipline and confident in our overall personality.

 Bring music into your kid’s life:

Today’s kids are better understanding and far ahead of our time, so please do not waste your time thinking that music can spoil your kid’s study. In fact it works just opposite, if you don’t believe, just do some survey and research. You will find that it has been scientifically proven that those kids are in music; their IQ levels are far better and do better in study than those kids who are not into it. It is not hidden that music makes us fresh and happy; the same can be applied in kid’s life. If we bring music early in their life, it will surely going to help them to grow better. It is no more a secret now and open to this world that music has stronger impact on overall personality of a growing child.

Benefits of Music in our life:

After long hour of work when you listen to your favourite music, how do you feel then? Of course you feel fresh and happy. This is called magic of music which works silently, gives us positive energy to our entire body and makes us calm and stress free. Today, our life run like an electronic device and often we forget to care our own body. Just remember that your body will be fit only if your mind is fit and to make your mind strong and powerful, there is nothing better than music. In other words there is no substitute for music when it comes to make us stress free.

You have often noticed that in religious place, devotional songs/Bhajans are played or sing with its devotees, this is because to bring positive energy into surroundings and keep away the sadness or negative energy. This is why when we visit to such place, we feel so peaceful, happy and energetic. Such is the impact of music no matter whichever way it comes, brings only happiness.

Why to learn to play musical Instrument:

When you play any musical instrument, it keeps your mind focused and composed during that time. You are totally enjoying your time with your instrument. Doing so, you are keeping yourself away from your daily routine and refreshing your body and brain. Please don’t make excuses, no matter what work you do or how old are you, make music an essential part in your life. It can really work wonders on us once we go deep into music where the people get called ‘crazy’ by some section of people. The word ‘crazy’ may sound wired but it has deeper meaning. The musicians are crazy because they don’t understand other language than music. They don’t care what other people think about them because they are so energetic and positive with music that negativity doesn’t touch their mind.

You too can get blessed from Music:

Music is the same which we know it from olden days, which has the power to bring rain or light a candle, which can attract any living being be it human or animal. Those musicians who created magic with music are not around but who knows you may be the next who can start creating the same magic again. So, give a fresh thought and start learning this wonderful method and create a new chapter with the power of music once again. Believe in music and get blessed with this magical art.


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