What kind of Guitar to select for a beginner

The guitar is a kind of instrument which immediately attracts our attention. More than the music, we get fascinated by the ‘cool’ look of it. When we see our favorite actor or actress or rock star holding and playing it in movies or on stage, we get more fascinated about it. You may see them playing guitar with so much passion and you too might want to play like them. But do you really know about the kind of guitars available in the market? If you want to learn it, which kind of guitar should you start with? This is the question which disturbs every beginner. Yes, this is what this article will be enlightening you about.

Simultaneously, I will talk about the kind of guitar one should start with regardless of its type and specifications. There are mainly four types of guitars available and famous in the market, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar and Bass guitar. Each guitar has its own unique playing techniques and sound and fits with a particular kind of music. Here I will talk about each guitar which will help you to select your kind of musical requirement. Let’s go one by one.

1. Acoustic guitar:


The above image is of a traditional acoustic guitar. For readers’ better understanding, I have mentioned each part of the guitar. It will help you when we discuss other kinds of guitar later on in this article. An acoustic guitar is the most affordable instrument and it doesn’t need any other accessories to start playing. The fret board of this guitar is little broader than an Electric Guitar and slimmer than a Classical guitar. No matter what kind of guitar you want to learn, it is generally advisable for everyone to start with an acoustic guitar. It is the best for those who want to play contemporary music. It’s easy to carry, affordable to buy and fun to enjoy. Of course, initially your fingers will hurt while practising on it but with time this problem will be sorted out. It can be played strumming different chords and is perfect for those who want to sing along with it and enjoy their music.

2. Classical Guitar:


The image (left) is of a Classical Guitar. It looks same as an Acoustic guitar but the construction and playing technique of this guitar is little different. This particular guitar has Nylon strings and it is played with finger plucking style. Nylon strings are softer in nature so the problem of hurting your fingers does not play a role here. The fret board is little wider compared to both electric and acoustic guitar and you need to practice hard to get used to it. This is mainly for classical music playing purpose. Also it needs more discipline and hard work to learn to play this guitar. The sitting and holding posture of this guitar is very unique and totally different. This too helps the player to play and sing along with it. So, if you are interested in pure classical music, then the Classical guitar is your choice.

3. Electric Guitar:


This Image (Right) is of an Electric Guitar. It looks so amazing and attractive too. It is its look which mesmerized people more than the other kinds of guitars. The most important part in an electric guitar is that if you want to play it, you need to have an amplifier to bring out its sound and a cable to connect the guitar to an amplifier. The string is made of steel but softer than an acoustic guitar. The action is also lower which helps to play smoother on the fret board. The body weight is heavier than the acoustic and classical guitar. Perfect for those who are interested in rock/pop kind of music. However, my personal advice to those who want to learn electric guitar would be to please spend your initial time practising on an acoustic guitar. The reason – an electric guitar is too smooth to play and overall control is needed while playing on it and for a beginner it is little difficult to control initially. Practising on an acoustic guitar will not only make them to understand an instrument properly but also guide them to control sound and playing. Again, before buying an electric guitar you should know that you will be required to buy an amplifier and other accessories which will stretch your budget a little more.

4. Bass Guitar:


The image which is shown on the left side is of a Bass Guitar. It looks like an Electric Guitar and this one too needs an amplifier to bring out sound. There are also acoustic bass guitars available in the market, but Electric bass guitars are more famous and common. That’s why when someone says bass guitar, we get this image of a guitar in our mind. The number of strings are four and much thicker than the normal acoustic or electric guitar. It also sometimes comes with five or six strings but normally four-stringed bass are more popular. The body is heavier like any electric guitar but the fret board is slightly longer than the electric or acoustic. Bass guitars play a vital role in any kind of music whether it is Country, Pop, Rock or Jazz. It fills the music with its loud and rich bass sound. In any songs or music, if you listen carefully, you can find how nicely bass guitars are played. It won’t take the centre stage like acoustic or electric, but plays a very important role in music. The style of playing bass guitar is by thumb and finger plucking, tapping and thumping. If you are interested in bass guitar playing, you can at once go for it. But as I had mentioned earlier, one should initially start with acoustic guitar. So if you have done a little bit of acoustic guitar playing, it will immensely help you to progress well in any kind of guitar and so in Bass guitar too.

Wrap up:

Hope this article has provided you brief details about the kind of guitar you are looking for. It really doesn’t matter which guitar you like or select, but what’s important is you have decided to get in to this music world. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start playing music!

Feel free to post your comment about this article, we will be happy to provide your query or take your suggestions. All the best and good luck for your future.


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