How to keep an acoustic Piano well maintained

Do you want to know how to keep an acoustic piano well maintained? How and where to place a piano at home? What are the main factor we need to look to keep our acoustic piano in proper conditions? Here, in this article you will get all your answer.


If you happened to find my article and start reading my words, it clearly means that you are an ultimate and passionate music and piano lover who does care about his musical instrument piano. If my feelings are true then you are the best person to own a piano because only the passionate music lover can find these kinds of articles interesting to read. Let’s start the main topic for what you have visited to this unique site called (all about music).

So, the bottom line is you have the luxurious musical instrument acoustic piano or recently would have bought it. You love your acoustic Piano and want to keep it new for longer period of time but you are not much aware of how you can keep it maintain. That’s no worry; you are here to get best tips as how you can keep your acoustic piano looks new for longer run. If you think like a pure music lover, seriously you don’t really need rocket science to know best tips or suggestions. Reality is that your Piano just needs your love and care like any living being. You have to care it like your lover and life partner with true feelings and emotions. However, I have mentioned some suggestions in this article which will sure help you to achieve your purpose, just have a look.

How and where to place acoustic Piano at Home:

This is the most important tips which often not cared much. In fact placing an acoustic piano at proper place will not only gives your home a classy look but also will give long life for your piano. So, think about the place before you bringing piano at home. If you already have piano and you feel to change its place then create new place for it.  If you have a Grand Piano, keep it in a hall or a separate room. If possible make a platform for your grand piano to have different look. If you have upright piano then the ideal place is against the wall and the distance between wall and your piano should be 6 inches to get better sound. Keep your piano far from the open window and direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect and crack the polish of the piano. Do not keep it near the glass door or wardrobe which has glass fixed on it as it can create buzzing sound when you play the piano.

What kind of Temperature requires keeping acoustic piano well maintained:

Ideal room temperature to keep your acoustic piano at home is between 18-21 degrees Celsius. If you are in India, buy those acoustic piano which are “tropicalized” means made for the particular country’s climatic conditions. Please remember that the acoustic piano gets directly affected by the climatic conditions. This why you might see different model and designed piano for different country.

On rainy seasons one can have dehumidifier fixed inside the home to save the piano from dampness. If that is not possible at least fix a damp chaser inside the piano. Sometimes, you get damp chaser along with the piano when you buy, if not then buy it separately.

If you had fixed air condition on your room’s wall, please avoid keeping your acoustic piano under it. As direct cooling can affect your piano’s strings and tuning, also if there is any leakage from AC, it will badly damage Piano’s sound board or other wooden parts.

Why should piano keep it covered:

People love to keep their acoustic piano without covered because of it elegant looks. One can understand the emotions behind it but when you are not playing it, it is advisable to keep it covered. You can either stitch it with your local tailor or buy it from the piano store. Covering piano will always keep away from unwanted fingers marks which come by touching unnecessarily. It will keep away from any kind of dust too. If you have children at home, they will not simply bang on it or play with pedals if you keep it covered.


This article is written out of my own experience. In this article I have briefly suggested some important maintenance tips which help to keep you acoustic piano better in shape and looks. But my article is not yet finished; please do read my next article which will be second part of this article about piano maintenance.







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