How tough to play musical instrument after a certain age

Are you feeling awkward to learn to play a musical instrument at matured age? Do you think only young can learn it? Have you lost all your hope to play a musical instrument? Think again, this article will definitely boost your lost hope and will remove all your negative thoughts.


Believe me this is a common question which comes in our mind after certain age. Not only playing a musical instrument but other sports activities too, people just started doubting about their abilities when they grow older. Obviously sports activities need much more flexible body and one may or may not play some sports after getting older but one can surely play a musical instrument. There is an old saying, “age is just a number” but people forget it and questions themselves when it comes to apply in their own life. It is true that after certain age we have numerous physical changes in our body but again it is always our strong mindset and will power which always allow us to achieve impossible. Here too, if you don’t have burning desire to learn at adult age, you will not get success. But I can assure you that learning musical instruments at any age is not so tough (except some instruments which need tender age to start).

There are many people who have the interest and desire to learn and play musical instruments but due to work/job and family issues, they could not learn it. I would only advise them that please don’t let your interest about music die. I have seen a man who after the age of 60 started learning piano and after one year, he not only passed theoretical exam but practical too. He was a retired person and having much time to live his passion to learn to play Piano. This is all about your will power and interest, if he can do it, why can’t you? A matured person only need guidance and I am trying sharing my experience here which will sure can motivate and guide you.

Your interest and selection of Musical Instrument:

This is one of the major parts in your musical journey. You might have fascinated about some particular musical instrument and you want to learn it at adult stage in your life. Your interest is the most important role to play in learning music lesson and you have to select your kind of instrument very cleverly. Here you need better understanding between your heart and mind. I would like to inform you here that some musical instrument need to learn from the very young age. Like ‘Violin”, it is advisable to start learning from very young age because it is one of the toughest instrument to learn. It needs to have more flexible body to hold this instrument and play which may be tough at adult age. It is not that one can’t learn to play violin at adult age but you will need to have very strong interest and mind set for it. Holding violin properly at right posture itself takes almost month. Choose the instrument which you feel comfortable in holding or having comfortable in playing posture. I will personally advice to an adult to go for either Keyboard or Piano lesson. The reason, both these instruments are flat and easy to play while sitting on chair/ bench. Keyboard can be played on standing position too. Please remember that if you feel comfortable with instrument, you can concentrate well.

Take proper lesson by a good music teacher:

Once you selected your kind of instrument, you should start taking proper lesson by a good music teacher. You can easily find teachers contact from internet or your local musical instruments store. You can learn it by tutorial videos or from method books but you will need to learn some techniques and musical terms/notes which only a teacher can guide you properly. While learning by ourselves, we don’t give much attention on playing techniques and once you learn the wrong method, it will be very difficult to make it correct on later stage. So, please take guide from teacher and follow their method strictly. Initially you may find it hard but once you get habituated, it will be not difficult for you to further. You are trying to live your dream to play a musical instrument, so please don’t take short cut way.

Be patient and feel the music from your heart:

You must note that learning musical instrument even at younger age need lots of patient and concentration. So, you should be ready to have patient towards your learning. No one learn to play in a week or few months, it takes plenty of time to get used of your instrument. You must not lose your interest even if you find difficult to play some lessons. With your hard work and continue practice, you will surely achieve it to play. You must be discipline with your practice timing and lesson. Just don’t jump to play next lesson without completing the previous chapter. No matter how much interest and talent you have for music but if you don’t practice well, your all hard work will be wasted.

Music is something which which need so much from you, your hard work, your patient, your concentration and also your interest and the way you feel about music. Give yourself to music from your heart and rest leave it on time. I am sure as much time will pass in music, you will keep enjoying your music. With your practice, you will start playing some good musical notes. You give yourself to music and music will return you with so much more what you expected. Music is a beautiful medium to reach God, so enjoy it and feel it from your heart, from you within.


Finally, I would only say that whatever you will achieve from music, will be something special. No one can be mastered of it, you can ask anyone and the reply will be that they all are learning music no matter how big that artist is. You too are here to enjoy your music and learn something special. Music can be your best friend when you are sad or happy. A special friend who can support you when you are alone. Even if you could not achieve something big in music, it can be a great attraction for your grandchildren.


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