How to keep an acoustic piano well maintained

I have already posted earlier article about how to keep your acoustic piano well maintained and looks new for longer period of time. This article is just second part of that, since there are many important tips and points I could not post it in one article.

As we have already read that an acoustic piano is a luxurious musical instrument which needs to look after properly and care likes a baby. More than physical, your emotional cares have bigger affects on your piano. If you can’t feel for your instrument, you just can’t care it; it is as simple is that. So, let’s read some more tips and suggestions regarding this subject which is mentioned below.

Don’t make your Piano as your common furniture:

Sound sarcastic but true. First of all it is a musical instrument and one should respect it. Keeping books, bags etc. and using as a working table should be avoided. Knowingly or unknowingly we do make this mistake which should not be done if you really love your instrument. Also feel free to point it out politely to others if the same mistakes are done by your family members or friends.

Secondly, please do not make it as your decoration table by keeping unnecessary items on it. If you have an upright piano at home, you can keep one or two artificial flower pot on top of it but decorating with so many items, should not be done.

Thirdly, we have one common bad habit of leaning our back behind anything whether it is in standing position or sitting. One should take care that it should not be done on your piano.

Keeping away these habits can minimize the chances of getting scratches on your piano which looks ugly on such luxurious instrument. Also create a bad image on the person who owns such beautiful instrument.

How one should clean an acoustic Piano:

 After end of your practice or play, it is advisable to clean your piano with a soft cover. When you play, you left finger marks and moist on piano’s key which can go only if you wipe it carefully. To clean your piano one can use plain soft cloth if not buy micro fiber cloth; one should avoid using rough cloth because rough cloth can make many scratches on polished piano.

Now, how to clean it properly?

Even if your piano is fully covered, there would be some small dust particles on it which are not visible with naked eyes. To clean it properly, one should wipe out the upper layer of dust with soft without pressing much weight on cloth.  So that it should not make scratch mark on piano. Second time with same soft cloth you can clean the entire part of the piano. You can use some polish advised by experts but should avoid it. Actually, you don’t require any polish to clean your piano. If any finger marks not getting clean, just dampen your cloth and clean it. Please do not rub it but clean it softly.

How to take care of Piano’s shining pedals:

 As we know, all modern Upright or Grand piano comes with three pedals. All three pedals have different function. To keep the pedals shining for longer period, one needs to use pedals cover. Covers, you get along with the piano when you buy it if not then you can buy it separately from a piano store. If you don’t use cover on your pedals, with the time and climatic affects the shining fade away. Not to forget the uses of our leg on to it, it can bring lots of scratches while playing if we don’t use proper pedal cover.


Hope this article has provided you the very basic but important tips which we normally forget to use it. If you take care properly, your piano will always look fresh and new after all this is your true friend even if it doesn’t breath. My next article will be about Piano tuning and shifting and lifting part when you want to move it from one place to other. Till then live music and love music.



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