Which to buy for a kid Piano or Keyboard

You want to buy a musical instrument for your kid and you are confused which to buy comparing between Piano and Keyboard? Do you want to know the main differences between a piano and a keyboard? This article will guide you to know about these two instrument and buy it for your kid.

The thinking of the parents in India has changed it dramatically since last two decade. They are now more supportive and understanding about their kid and their future. They know exactly how they can bring up their kid differently and unique from others kids. This is really a great sign as far as India is concern and we can seriously hope that our next generations will be much stronger, unique and different by all mean.

Music is one of the subject in which parents have now different thought and views. The reason, almost all of us now know the importance of music in our life. Especially in kid’s life, music can have special affect in their progress and growth. The main problem comes in parents mind when they want to join the music classes for their kid. Most of us get confuse as which instrument to go for a Piano or Keyboard. Which will be better for a kid? Very few parents have the complete idea about these two instruments and its playing methods. So, here I am again to provide and guide you as which instrument will be better for your kid according to music you would like to join them.

Your budget plays an important role here:

Both Piano and keyboard are two different instruments and so the cost of these two instrument. A regular keyboard can be bought from very basic range like 6.5K but a basic good digital Piano can cost you more than 50K and a basic upright acoustic piano can cost you more than 150K in India. Compare to Keyboard, learning a Piano is a bit costlier. As much your kid will progress into music, you will need better instrument for them at one stage. So, it is totally depend on your budget as how much you can invest in music for your kid.

How Piano and keyboard are different:

Before you make any decision, you should know the main differences and nature of these two instruments. The first and main different is the touch of the keys in these two instruments. The Keyboard’s keys are much softer compare to pianos heavier keys. Keyboard playing music notations are following only right hand while left hand play the chord progression. In a piano there are two music notes for both right and left hand and a student have to read both notes simultaneously. Finger techniques and teaching methods are different. Mainly Piano suits for those who want to learn strictly classical or jazz kind of music. Keyboard can be used for popular songs playing, fun activities since it has varieties of options. If you want your kid to learn serious music and make music as a profession, one should then select piano for their kid. After learning on a piano, a student can easily play keyboard but if you want to shift your kids from keyboard to piano, it will be really difficult and will take much time to get habituated. So, you will really need to plan and decide well to send your kid for keyboard or piano lesson.

Why experts recommend Piano lesson for a Kid:

A Piano is itself a complete instrument. Learning on a piano required much more discipline than any other instrument. Here you are suppose to read two musical notes simultaneously, play with your both hands and also need to use pedals. It required strong concentrations and hard work. The hand-eye coordination has great affect on the brain of kid. Normally, we hardly uses our both side of brain part but while playing on piano, our both side of the body part get movement and so our brain too. If you have seen a piano player, you would have definitely amazed with the speed they play with. It certainly can’t be played on a keyboard with the same speed. Playing piano will not only bring strong character in your kids but will make them discipline too.

While saying this, I did not mean to discourage those who have love for keyboard. Certainly, music can be learn and achieve through any musical instrument. It is just that a piano have little edge than a keyboard, the reason because the feel of music which called “dynamic” in musical terms can properly bring out in a piano better than a keyboard.

If you already decided to buy keyboard for your kid:

A parent has to understand well about their kid’s interest. Sometime there might be some confusion arises like what if the kid is not going to continue or lost his/her interest. After all buying a Piano is not a small investment so the parents have to look in all matter.

In case if you have decided to buy a keyboard for your kid, always buy little advance model than the very basic one. The keyboard should have touch response feature apart from others basic features. Keep eyes to your kid that he is learning lesson seriously and not playing with fun since a keyboard has many functions which can divert students mind from its basic learning. Get a proper teacher or school where they teach both practical and theory of music. Try to get them appear for music exams which will bring more seriousness in your kid for music.


A kid will have their own limitation to imagine and thinking, it is you (Parent) who have to keep guide and motivate them for music. Only buying a keyboard and taking them for music lesson is not enough, you will have to give your time and interest with your kid. Please remember that you have selected the best thing (music) in your kids life so let them enjoy and learn, let them feel music in a proper way.


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