Important guitar accessories you should have always

It’s a great feeling for a music lover to own an acoustic guitar. But there are few more accessories items which we often avoid to have it. These accessories items are very useful and some of items we must have it in our Gig bag. This article is all about the detailed explanations of acoustic guitar accessories and its uses. Why one should have it and how to use it, everything you can find in this article.

Acoustic Guitar Accessories details:

1. Strings set:

Acoustic Guitar strings Set

You should always have a set of strings. Specially, keep 1st and 2nd strings extra because these are the strings which normally get torn. If you have it with you, you will not need to run to go out and buy in urgent situations. So, for safer side keep a set of strings in stock.

2. String winder: 


String Winder

String winder is very helpful when you changing the guitar strings. It can be used for tuning your guitar too since the guitar pegs are harder due to the tension of strings. It’s easy to use, just put the winder into guitar peg and turn either way clockwise or anticlockwise.

3. String cutter: 



It is one of the important tool you require when cutting the over length string or taking out the bridge pins. So, keep it along with other accessories.

4. Strap: 



Guitar strap is used when one progress enough in guitar playing and can easily play while standing. Strap hold your guitar around your shoulder so that it won’t fall and keep you balanced while playing in standing position.

5. Capo:


Guitar Capo

Capo is a tool which can be clamp on guitar fret to raise the pitch. It can be used to play any songs in different keys. There are different kinds of capos in the market but the basic work is same in all capos. Once you learn the basic, you will need this tool to have it with you.

6. Tuner or metro-tuner:


Clip & Metrotuner

If you are beginner then you should have digital tuner with you. Initially you would not have the idea of tuning the guitar so its better to use digital tuner. You can use digital Metro-tuner also which will work both as tuner and metronome. Metronome helps you to practice with beats.

7. Plectrums:



Keep some plectrums which you feel comfortable to hold it. There are plectrums which come in different thickness and sizes. Whether you are strumming or tab playing, you need different thickness in playing different style. Some plectrums have got different thickness in one plectrum itself, try those plectrums too.

8. Plectrum Holder:


Plectrum Holder

In musical store you can find plectrum holder in which you can store 5-7 plectrum. It is easy way to keep all plectrums in one place. It can be stick to your guitar too for your convenient

9. Guitar case / Gig bag:


Guitar soft Cover

When you are buying a guitar the gig bag comes along with it. There are different kinds and qualities of Gig bags are available. One which is regular and without pad, the other one which comes with padded. Some special gig bag comes with extra padded. All are in different price range. To keep your guitar in good and safe condition, you should have padded gig bag rather than the regular one. It will save your guitar for being damage. If you think your guitar is costly and you keep travelling a lot, you better select a hard case for it. Hard case keep your guitar safe even in transporting one place to other. Professional musicians uses hard case because their instruments are costly and they travel a lost for performance purpose.

10. External pickups (Transducer) /Cable:


Guitar Cable


External Pickup

Some guitars have inbuilt pickups so that you can attach with your amp through cable and play. If you have guitar without pick ups, you can always have external pick ups which can be attached on the guitar hole and connected to your amp through cable. You can remove it after playing and can be use only when you need to play along with amp. One should have both cable and external pick ups on their accessories tool.

I hope this article will help you to understand the importance of guitar accessories. Please feel free to drop you comment and ask us if you have any query regarding this. Keep enjoying your music!



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