Simple way to play ‘Gulabi Ankhen’ on Guitar

The song ‘Gulabi Ankhen Jo Teri Dekhi..’ is originally from the film ‘The Train’ which was released in 1970. The music director of this film was the legend R.D.Burman and the beautiful songs were written by another legend Anand Bakshi. This film was a suspense film and the lead actor was Rajesh Khanna with main actress Nanda supported by Helen in supporting role. The film was directed by Ravikant Nagaich, produced by Ramesh Behl and written by Arudra. This particular song was originally sung by Mohammad Rafi with his unique voice and style and was a super hit during those days. However, time to time this song was remixed and also sung by famous singers like Sonu Nigam, Raghav Sachar, Atif Aslam and many more to make it more popular. The interesting part of this song is that it can be played with very basic chords on the guitar, which is not very tough for a beginner. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful song on the guitar.

Guitar Chords for ‘Gulabi Ankhen’:

a-minor g-major f-major e-major

This entire song can be played with basic A Minor, G Major, F Major and E Major. These are the few chords which beginners learn during their first few lessons. There is no need to go for Barre Chords. Here you can play just with the first four frets. Obviously you can use Barre chords if you know to play, but here I am talking about those beginners who are yet to learn Barre chords. So, you really need not be a senior guitar player to play this song. Try it and play it for fun.

Strumming Patterns for ‘Gulabi Ankhen’:

The beauty of this song is that you can play this with easy strumming patterns. Different guitar teacher or players use different strumming patterns. Some use it according to what they feel convenient. But the strumming patterns which I use for this song isDDUUDU or DDUUD.

D indicates Strumming Downwards and U indicates Strumming Upwards.

Chords with lyric for ‘Gulabi Ankhen’:

Song: Gulabi Ankhen Jo Teri Dekhi (Guitar Chords & Lyric)


(Am)Gulaabi Aankhen Jo Teri (G)Dekhi

Sharaabi (F)Yeh Dil Ho (E)Gaya

(Am)Sambhaalo Mujhko O Mere (G)Yaaron

Sambhalna (F)Mushkil Ho (E)Gaya

Stanza: 1

(Am)Dil Mein Mere (F)Khwaab Tere

Tasveer (G)Jaise Ho (F)Deewaar (E)Pe

(Am)Tujhpe Fida (F)Main Kyoon Hua

Aata Hai (G)Gussa (F)Mujhe Pyaar (E)Pe

(Am)Main Lut Gaya Maanke (G)Dil Ka Kaha

Main Kahin Ka (F)Na Raha

Kya Kahoon (E)Main Dilruba

(Am)Bura Yeh Jaadu Teri (G)Aankhon Ka

Yeh Mera (F)Kaatil Ho (E)Gaya


(Am)Gulaabi Aankhen Jo Teri (G)Dekhi

Sharaabi (F)Yeh Dil Ho (E)GayaG

(Am)Sambhaalo Mujhko O Mere (G)Yaaron

Sambhalna (F)Mushkil Ho (E)Gaya

 Stanza: 2

(Am)Maine Sada (F)Chaaha Yehi

Daaman (G)Bacha Loon (F)Haseenon Se (E)Main

(Am)Teri Kasam (F)Khwaabon Mein Bhi

Bachta (G)Fira (F)Naazneenon Se (E)Main

(Am)Tauba Magar Mil Gayi (G)Tujhse Nazar

Mil Gaya (F)Dard-E-Jigar

Sun Zara O (E)Bekhabar

(Am)Zara Sa Haske Jo (G)Dekha Tune

Main Tera (F)Bismil Ho (E)Gaya


(Am)Gulaabi Aankhen Jo Teri (G)Dekhi

Sharaabi (F)Yeh Dil Ho (E)GayaG

(Am)Sambhaalo Mujhko O Mere (G)Yaaron

Sambhalna (F)Mushkil Ho (E)Gaya


Though, this song is easy to play, it should be learnt and played for fun and enjoyment purpose only. The entire article is written keeping a beginner player in mind. Playing some songs at the starting stage of learning guitar will only give them confidence and motivate them for future progress. Again, this is my personal advice to the students that they should not get addicted to playing only songs but focus on completing their formal lessons. Playing only songs will minimize your interest and dedication on guitar learning. So, it is my request to all that besides playing easy songs, a student should complete others lessons too and completes their grades.

Hope this article has given all the related details about this beautiful song. Just play and enjoy. You are welcome to comment about this article which will really help me to write other articles on the same subject.


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