How Music is related to Medicine?

It is said that Music is for Entertainment, Music is for Dance, Music is Divine, Music has no boundaries, Where words fail Music speaks, Music has no language but can Music be used in Medical field? How much does a Doctor depend on Music? Has playing Music to the patient resulted in the cure of certain diseases?

Above all your questions have one answer – ‘YES’.

Continuous research has proved that music therapy has improved the health outcomes of a variety of patients including pre mature infants and also people with Parkinson’s diseases and Depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

For those babies, spending their first days of their life in the Neonatal Care Unit, music improves the sleeping patterns of the baby while decreasing the parent’s stress. Researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center’s Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine conducted the study, which included 272 premature babies 32 weeks gestation or older in 11 mid-Atlantic NICUs. The results were very positive and it helped the doctors perform their job better other than improving the health conditions of the babies. Let’s have a look on some important fact mentioned below.


Garbh Sanskar is a way of assuring a good and safe pregnancy with a healthy child in which the music is pkayed to the mother or alternatively the mother sings which positively affects the baby in the womb during pregnancy. This has been scientifically proved . Meditation, positive thinking, reading books and listening to music helps in the development of the unborn child.Various Garb Sanskar music is available which should be regularly played to the mother when she is pregnant.
The Sanskrit word Garbh means foetus and Sanskar means mind education. Hence it essentially means educating the unborn child. Doctors are of the opinion that a positive effect and change in the hormonal secretions are activated from the mother and the unborn child.


Ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda also support this theory. It is known as Supraja Janam in Ayurvedic terms. In Hinduism also Gargha Sanskar is traced to the Verdas and the Mahabharatha too.Mythological stories of Abhimanyu, Prahalad and Hanuman are examples of application of Garbh Sanskar.

MUSIC which cure DISEASES:

1. According to Dr.Oliver Sacks ,neurologist,music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other human experience.
2. Many hospitals play music to babies born early and who requires extended stay as it reduces the amount of energy the infant expends as well as allows them to gain weight.
3. Music is used to stimulate the brains of brain damaged patients and patients with speech disability.
4. Music helps prevent hearing loss though it cannot cure it.
5. For those suffering from heart attacks and heart surgery music helps in lowering blood pressure.
6. For those with Acute Depression, music motivates them and avoids suicidal tendencies in them.
7. Schizophrenia patients have responded positively to music.
8. Aphasia, Amnesia and Dementia patients have successfully recovered from music therapy.
9. Though not yet proved, music helps prevent ageing. This is only a psychological condition when the old age patients feels that they are still young.


Music is something which is with us since our civilizations and with our nature. Whatever is known to us about music is just little, there must be something much more we would come to know in future. So far whatever we know about music is just mesmerizing our life. It is indirectly a part of our living life. Whether one accept music in his/her life or not but music never reject anyone. It stay inside us till we are alive in the form of heart beat. Let’s take music deep inside us and get benefit from it.


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