3 Powerful Bollywood Ganpati songs with lyric

Once again the time has come to bring Lord Ganpati at our home. Come to Mumbai during Ganesh festival and you will come to know how big this Ganesh festival is. You can hear “Jai dev Jai dev” the famous Lord Ganpati AARTI from almost each and every house. Such is the power of this Bhajan that can take you into deep devotional feelings automatically. Bollywood has always produced some special song for Ganesh festival, which are always hit and fit during this festival season. There are many such Bollywood songs which are dedicated to Lord Ganeshji but there are very few which can really bring goose bumps on you. I have selected 3 songs for my article which are powerful and ultimate compositions of Lord Ganesha. Not only these songs have strong lyrics, but music too with having typical traditional feelings which can make you dances with its tune. These three songs are listed below with lyrics and other interesting details. 

1. ‘Sindoor Lal Chadhayo’ from the movie Vaastav:

Jai dev-Jai Dev (Complete Lyric)

This is a traditional “Jai Dev Jai Dev” Ganpati Aarti from the film Vaastav (Sanjay Dutt Starrer). This is not a dance number, but beautifully composed by the duo Jatin-Lalit and sung by Ravindra Sathe. Having a soothing music at the beginning, but as Bhajan began to end; it goes to fast mode, the beats get changed and so the singing style. This makes it more beautiful to the ear. Traditional musical instruments (Indian percussions) were used for this Bhajan which creates the real mood of Ganpati festival. I personally like this Bhajan because of its sweet and simple composition.

2. ‘Deva Shree Ganesha’ from the movie Agnipath (New):

Deva Shree Ganesha (Complete Lyric)

Every time I finish listening to this song and my inner voice utter with excitement “wow”, such is the beauty of this song that you just can’t keep silent while listening to it. This particular Ganesha song is from the film “Agneepath” (Hrithik Roshan starrer). The powerful lyrics have been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and an amazing composition is done by duo Ajay Gogavale (Who has also sung this song) and Atul Gogavale. I say this amazing because throughout in this song, each and every stanza brings energetic devotional feelings that can give you goosebumps. Credit goes to the singer Ajay Gogavale who made this song look so simple with his energetic voice, but only a few knows how tough to sing this particular song. The timely voice modulation in his voice makes this song richer. And, not to forget the beautifully uses of traditional Dhol and Nagada which can make anyone to dance with it. It says that there were more than 40 Dhol players were brought from Pune to record this song. Interestingly, these Dhol players were not professionals but they play only at festival time for their fun and interest. The last stanza of this song is again beautiful changing it to Chanting Shlokas of Ganpati Aarti which creates powerful last minutes impact of this song. Overall, this song is a treat to your ear and heart.

3. Sadda Dil Vi Tu (Ga Ga Ga Ganpati) from the movie ABCD:

Sadda Dil Vi (Complete Lyric)

This song is from the film ABCD (Any Body Can Dance), composed by Sachin Jigar, written by Mayur Puri and sung by Hard Kaur. This song is typically composed as a dance number for the film’s situations with having devotional touch. Credit must be given to the music composer Sachin Jigar the way he mixed this song from western to traditional devotional without losing its quality. How a dance number could change it to a devotional song, is a great example in this composition. At the end of this song again here, the music director cleverly brought the Ganpati Aarti and shlokas chanting which only create the electrifying atmosphere effect in both audio and visual music.


Hope when you hear these songs during the Ganpati festival, you will not only hear it for dancing or celebrating, but will listen to it for wonderful composition, lyrics and singing qualities. Yes, we should give credit to those who are behind the scene making a greater impact on us with their unique composition.




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