About us

When you ‘Love’ something, you try to explore it and get to know it better and better each day; it becomes an integral and inseparable part of your life; you just start to live with it. Music is one such subject anyone can fall in love with. Now, this love has taken the shape of a website and thus, ‘UrEuphony’ was born.

I’m Jeet Singh, the founder of this website, who has been working in this field for almost 20 years now. All through my musical journey, I learnt and am still learning more and more about music from my own experience and also from those of different people from this field such as musicians, teachers and the people who technically deal with musical instruments. It’s my desire to get more music lovers who have dedicated their life to music, to share their knowledge through this site and make you enjoy music in the form of words, which is what UrEuphony is all about.

I just wish to give back to this world, whatever I have learnt and personally felt through Music. If even a little I could succeed in it, I will feel fortunate and happy that my hard work has paid off.