Why not to convert a right hand acoustic guitar into a left hand

Often we find it difficult to get a proper left-hand acoustic guitar for the left-hand person. It is not that left hand guitars are not available or not been made but difficult to get. The simple reason because very few people are needed for it. I have seen people converting these right hand guitars into the left hand by reversing the strings. Arranging the stringing into upside down to make it fit for a left-hand player. However, this is not a correct way, and it creates lots of issues in sound quality and perfect tones. It is easy to advice for such conversion and easy to have make shift option but why we should not do it and what are the problems comes while converting right hand guitars like this is all about we are going to talk in this article. Why one should go for a proper left-hand guitar rather than make shift left hand guitar, everything will be mention in this article. Let’s talk step by step taking all points in consideration.  Continue reading


How do nails affect in playing musical instruments?

You love your long nails and you love your musical instruments too. However, you are finding a way as how can you keep your long nails without trimming and also can play musical instrument. Sadly, there is no way you can keep long nails when it comes to play some particular musical instrument. Music needs not only discipline but commitment and respect too. Often it is seen that those who love their nails more than music, they tend to sale their musical instruments or leave the playing later on. It’s not that all the musical instrument need NO-NO to long nails but certainly some instruments need trimmed or short nail to play it precisely. We will discuss in this article as which instruments can afford to have long nails and which not. Also, we will talk as why we need to shorten the nails for some instruments.

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How a Keyboard is different from a Piano

Do you want to know the differences between a keyboard and a digital piano? What are the main features available in both these instruments? How technically keyboard and a piano are different? This article is mainly written to those who are unaware of the look and differences in a piano and keyboard. Continue reading

Important tips while getting tuning and shifting an acoustic Piano

This is my third articles on acoustic piano’s maintenance. Please read my earlier article to know more about this subject. Now let us discuss some more important matters which are directly or indirectly connect it with piano maintenance. So, I am back again with it and the main subjects which are going to be talked in this article are ‘Piano tuning’ and its ‘shifting’ part.

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