What is PANCHAVADYAM an orchestra of five instruments.

Panchavadyam comes from Gods own country,Kerala,the land of beaches and coconut trees.Panchavadyam means five instruments of music which is a Kerala temple art form.The five instruments are:
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Important tips while getting tuning and shifting an acoustic Piano

This is my third articles on acoustic piano’s maintenance. Please read my earlier article to know more about this subject. Now let us discuss some more important matters which are directly or indirectly connect it with piano maintenance. So, I am back again with it and the main subjects which are going to be talked in this article are ‘Piano tuning’ and its ‘shifting’ part.

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How to select the best acoustic guitar for a beginner

When it comes to learning any western musical instrument, it’s the ‘Guitar’ which comes to our mind first and foremost. It is one of the affordable instruments in the world and easy to carry anywhere you go. It is easily available in any musical store and easy to learn too! Yes, you can learn by yourself, through tutorial videos or from tutorial books but it is always advisable to learn from a proper tutor. The tutorial part will be discussed in my next article. But for now, I am here to guide you to select the best guitar for you. Continue reading

What kind of Guitar to select for a beginner

The guitar is a kind of instrument which immediately attracts our attention. More than the music, we get fascinated by the ‘cool’ look of it. When we see our favorite actor or actress or rock star holding and playing it in movies or on stage, we get more fascinated about it. You may see them playing guitar with so much passion and you too might want to play like them. But do you really know about the kind of guitars available in the market? If you want to learn it, which kind of guitar should you start with? This is the question which disturbs every beginner. Yes, this is what this article will be enlightening you about. Continue reading